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Car Insurance in Costa Mesa

For many years, drivers in the Costa Mesa area have entrusted the specialists at EZ Insurance Services Inc with their vehicle insurance needs.

With extensive and personalized coverage options, outstanding customer service, and competitive pricing, we have the right car insurance for the needs of each vehicle owner. Our highly professional and qualified insurance professionals have all the services needed to stay secured and protected at the wheel––at all times.

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Customized Approach to Vehicle Insurance

As a leading provider of vehicle insurance in Costa Mesa, we recognize that each client has unique requirements and needs. We believe that car insurance should be affordable and accessible to each driver, and we strive to make the coverage process easier and more streamlined than any other provider.

Regardless of your age or years of driving experience, we can recommend the best coverage for your needs. We ensure that you are safeguarded against any future driving event. Our services include liability insurance, collision coverage, comprehensive vehicle coverage, personal injury protection, and uninsured or underinsured motorist protection.

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Wide Range of Policies and Coverage Options

Depending on your needs, we can create a tailored insurance plan, adding options and packages to reflect your insurance requirements. We tailor our policies and coverage to your budget, assessing all areas of potential risk and liability. Our insurance brokers can help you manage your expenses and levels of risk and answer any questions you may have in regard to vehicle insurance.

We offer both personal and commercial vehicle insurance as well as insurance for fleets of vehicles. With adequate car insurance, you can enjoy complete freedom and peace of mind knowing you are prepared for anything that comes.

Dependable, Experienced Car Insurance Specialists

Each of our vehicle insurance specialists receives extensive training and qualifications to provide the highest caliber of service. We get to know the particular needs of each of our clients.

From the initial consultation, our advisers work closely alongside you, presenting you with a comprehensive list of options for your insurance coverage. We leave no detail overlooked in selecting and preparing your vehicle’s insurance policy.

You’ll be impressed with our knowledgeable, courteous insurance representatives!

Enjoy Protection and Security with EZ Insurance Services Inc

When you choose our team of professional insurance advisers for your vehicle insurance, you’ll be working with a team who has unmatched industry expertise in the Costa Mesa area.

Our wide range of services, exceptionally well-trained professionals, and competitive rates make us your most dependable option for car insurance. We ensure that your coverage perfectly reflects your needs, desires, and background as a driver.

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Costa Mesa Car Insurance Providers

Whether you are a 16-year-old who has recently passed their driving test or a mature driver with more than forty years’ experience, the simple fact of the matter is that as a driver in California, you simply must have car insurance. More than that, you need to have an insurance plan that protects you, and any other friends or family who use your car and all other road users adequately. If you are based in the Costa Mesa area and need a tried and trusted car insurance service, then you really shouldn’t look any further than EZ Insurance Services Inc.

Having catered to the needs of motorists from across Costa Mesa since we first opened our doors, it is safe to say that we at EZ Insurance Services Inc know a thing or two about delivering a tried and trusted car insurance service that is designed to protect all our clients comprehensively. So, why take risks with inferior car insurance companies when the number one team in Costa Mesa is here for you to use.

Superior Policies at Affordable Prices

At EZ Insurance Services Inc, we are immensely proud of the fact that our insurance packages have been accessed by drivers and motorists of all types. Our insurance policies offer both liability and property coverage for drivers of all experience levels and vehicle-sizes. So, no matter what stage of your driving career you currently find yourself in, you can rest assured that with EZ Insurance Services Inc on your side you will have a policy that will protect you should you need it.

All vehicle owners are required by law to have car insurance. At the very least, drivers must have liability insurance to protect them in case of an accident. If you need to have it anyway, why not get the very best?

Our experienced team of brokers will use all our expertise to tailor a policy that fits your motoring needs perfectly, so you can rest assured that you will always receive the most competitive insurance quotes to ensure the maximum coverage at the best possible rates.

With proper and adequate car insurance, you will enjoy constant peace-of-mind on the road. We’ll make sure you are prepared for anything that might befall you.

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Personal Auto Insurance

Did you know that the state of California requires minimum amounts of personal liability coverage in the event of an accident? The minimum coverage amounts are as follows:

  • $15,000 for injury/death to one person
  • $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person
  • $5,000 for damage to property

Your premium will be calculated based on the type of coverage, amount of coverage, and your personal information.

EZ Insurance is proud to offer affordable premiums to Costa Mesa clients. We believe that vehicle ownership is expensive enough, and you shouldn’t have to over extend yourself to obtain the security of car insurance!

Types of Personal Insurance:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Liability insurance is meant to pay for damages/injuries to third parties and their property. Liability insurance will cover the other individual(s)’s medical or mechanical expenses if you are involved in an accident you have caused. Liability insurance is required for all drivers.

  • Collision Coverage
  • Collision coverage subsidizes repair/replacement costs to your car when an accident takes place. Collision coverage includes crashes with other vehicles, single-car accidents, and collisions with objects. It does not cover damage by natural disasters, damage to other vehicles, or medical bills.

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage
  • Comprehensive vehicle protects against many driving risks, including natural events or disasters (fire, flooding, falling objects), theft, or vandalism. However, it does not protect against collision or medical expenses.

  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Personal injury protection is also called ‘no-fault’ coverage. It includes medical expenses and other indirect costs such as compensation for lost income or child care. As a driver, you will receive payouts regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection
  • If you are involved in an accident caused by a driver who has inadequate or no insurance, this type of protection will cover or subsidize the costs. It covers both medical and repair costs.

    EZ Insurance Services also offers commercial car insurance. If your Costa Mesa business has its own fleet of vehicles, our insurance will protect your investment for a discounted rate.

    Commercial car insurance includes bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive damage coverage.

  • Truck Insurance
  • Our comprehensive truck insurance is customized to the needs of every enterprise. We provide security for all of your shipping and transportation needs.

  • Business Vehicle Insurance
  • No matter what kind of business you operate in the Costa Mesa area, it is likely you have a fleet of company cars, trucks, or trailers. From landscaping companies to limousine companies, we’ll work with you to determine the coverage needs of your business.

  • Fleet Insurance
  • If your Costa Mesa business has more than five vehicles, EZ Insurance Services can provide you with special rates. Maximize your protection as well as your insurance savings!

Three Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

While it is true that car insurance is mandatory, is it completely necessary? The short answer to this question is 100% yes. Here are just three short reasons why this is the case:

  1. Pay now to save later: On average, there are more than six million car accidents in the US each year. This shows why car insurance is so important. After all, can you imagine living in a world where car insurance doesn’t exist? Not having car insurance is a surefire way of increasing the likelihood of emptying your bank account.
  2. Save time in case of an accident: By investing in a car insurance premium from us at EZ Insurance Services Inc, you can rest assured that should an accident occur, we will be able to help you through many of the unpleasantries of the post-accident process. Without our help, this is a far less straightforward experience.
  3. Peace of mind: There aren’t many things in life that are truly priceless, but peace of mind must be near the top of this list. If you want to guarantee peace of mind while on the road then you must have car insurance.
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